Two By Two

- Ooops...The Ark has gone
Directed by

Toby Genkel

Co-directed by

Sean McCormack

  • 2015
  • Family  /  Feature Film
  • 85'
  • Stereoscopic HD CGI
  • Adventure/Comedy
  • It is the last big taboo in the history of the world. And it’s about time we talked about it. And laughed about it. Whatever happened to the creatures that missed Noah’s ark? It's the end of the world. A huge flood is coming, large enough to wipe out every creature on the planet. The clumsy land-based Nestrians Dave and his son Finny have made it on to Noah's Ark with the help of the grymp Hazel and her daughter Leah. But when the ark floats away, Finny and Leah accidentally fall off. For the two kids, it's the start of an adventure where Finny makes new friends, eludes crafty enemies, and learns something very important about himself that will save the life of his father and of his new mob.



    - Zurich Film Festival 2015

    - Munich Int. Film Festival 2015

    - KINEKO - International Children's Film Festival 2015

    - Shanghai Film Festival 2015

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