s The light Eater

The light Eater

Directed by

Sean McCormack

  • 2015
  • Short Film
  • 12’
  • HD CGI
  • fantasy / Drama
  • Today is Light Eater's very first day of school. Light Eater has to sort things out on his own. Since his father passed away, his mother hasn’t been able to overcome her sorrow and has turned away from her son. Since this day, Light Eater has been burdened by a curse: when he opens his mouth to speak, he swallows the light around him. But, Light Eater also has a gift: he loves to draw and his drawings are full of bright colours that brighten his existence. Which of his sides will take over, light or dark?

    Based on a book created by David Cantero.



    Best short film festival 2015

    Segreteria Sedicicorto ANIMALAB 2015

    Festival du film court de Villeurbanne 2015 Compétition "images virtuelles"

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