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FABRIQUE D’IMAGES was launched in 2002 in Luxembourg by two graphic designers, Christine Parisse and Jean-Marie Musique. Its purpose is to develop, finance and produce quality European content for children and the whole family, for the small and the big screen, as well as the new digital media.

FABRIQUE D’IMAGES has an agreement with French publisher BAYARD-MILAN which makes it possible for the Luxemburgish producer, on top of its original home-made licenses, to adapt Bayard heroes to the TV screen and to coproduce series, films, digital books and apps with BAYARD JEUNESSE ANIMATION.

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The company runs its own studio: THE PICTURE FACTORY which relies on the expertise of about 70 people in 2D, 3D and stereoscopic animation. It covers a wide range of know-how, from original design and creations, to storyboard, animation, FX, compositing and editing. The studio also counts on its own directing talents, such as Sean McCormack (“TWO BY TWO”, “THE LIGHT EATER”, “THE BIBLE”, “THE CHRISTMAS VANDAL”), Federico Milella (“PERCY’S TIGER TALES”, “ZIGGY & THE ZOO TRAM”), Caroline Origer (“POLO”)… and many more to come!

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Ceo & Producer
Christine PARISSE

Tél: +352 26 10 80 35 21

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Ceo & Producer
Jean-Marie MUSIQUE

Tél: +352 26 10 80 35 21

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Tél: +352 26 10 80 35 20

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